Law of Attraction

Be the energy you want to attract

Law of Attraction

All Abundance Starts First In The Mind

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Let’s do an activity:


Read the sentences and observe your feelings:

    • You are looking beautiful!
    • Wow, you speak very well.
    • I am happy for you.
    • I am always there for you.
    • I love the way you handle situations.
    • Thank you
    • Congratulations

How are you feeling right now?

Now again read few more sentences and observe
  • You always come late.
  • It’s because of you I can’t do things properly.
  • Your habits irritates me.
  • You never do the things right.
  • You can’t do this.

Now how are you feeling?

You can see that choice of words creates feelings. Positive, supportive, inspirational, deserving, enthusiastic words create positive emotions which in turn lead to positive experiences in life. Words of fear, worry, excuses, complaint creates negative emotions and creates negative experiences for you.

So what type of life do you want to live?

What is the Law of Attraction?

It is the philosophy that helps you to achieve your goals easily and effortlessly. It works on the principle “like attracts like”. What you believe, becomes reality.

How does it work?

It works on the words you use and the beliefs you have. If you think life is easy, life becomes easy for you. If you think life is tough, life is tough for you. In the same way, whatever is your current reality, wanted or unwanted, it is because of your beliefs about yourself and life. If you want to change reality, change your beliefs first.

What is the process to apply the Law of Attraction?


Scenario: Your specs got missed and you are searching in your room. 
Where can you easily find it, in a messed room or in a clean room?
  • In clean room you can find it fasly and effortlessly.
  • In the same way, the clearer mind can do things easily and effortlessly. More clarity makes things easy for you.
So, Rule number 1 is SET CLEAR GOALS.
Think about the things that you want in your life. Give your energy, attention and focus on desired outcome. Create strong positive emotions.
Clean and dirty
Hole in Balti


Scenario: You are working day and night to achieve the company’s goal. And continuously you are saying to yourself, you can’t do it. You had never achieve your targets before. Then for sure, you can’t , even after working for 24*7. But if you work and believe you can, within a time you will achieve your targets.

Let’s take another example
You want to fill water in  a pot that has  holes. Can you fill it?
So, what you will do? 
    First you have to close the hole, to fill the bucket. 
In the above example the hole represents fear, guilt, doubts, criticism, negativity,  Having clarity of goals doesn’t work, you have to close the doors of all the negativity for transformation.
After setting goals, don’t directly jump to take actions. Check your mindset first. If you want to be rich, feel that you deserve to be rich. If you want to be healthy, feel that you deserve to live a healthy life. To change the results, you need to change your mindset.
You have to believe in your goals. You have to stand by your goals. You have to trust yourself and your dreams. Remove all the doubts, fears, and negativity from your mind, body and soul. If you believe you can achieve your goals, you will.
  • If you think you can’t achieve your goals, you can’t.
  • If your focus on what you have, you will live an abundant life.
  • If you focus on what you don’t have, you will live a life of poverty.
  • I can achieve my goals easily and effortlessly.
  • I have all the resources that are required to achieve the goals.
  • I deserve to live an abundant life.
  • I deserve all the happiness.
  • I believe life is simple and  beautiful. 
  • I trust the process of life.
  • It is easy for me to change my limiting beliefs.
  • It is easy for me to let go of the things that don’t work for me.
MATCH YOUR VIBRATIONS WITH UNIVERSAL VIBRATIONS. Feel love, joy, appreciation and gratitude throughout the day.
RULE number 2: Find all your limiting beliefs and remove them one by one.


Scenario: A person wants to achieve the target this month with the right mindset. But  he don’t have marketing skills.
Can you think he can achieve his goals?
    Maybe he can achieve it once in a while.
Can he grow continuously?
Another Example is:

You have a water container of 25 litres.
How much water you can fill?
You will say, its common sense, we can fill 25 litres only.  You are absolutely right.
What if, you want to fill 50 litres of water?
Either bring container of 50 liters of bring 2 containers of 25 liters. Simple.
In the same way, if you want to receive more in life, make yourself more capable, more stronger, so that when life gives you what you ask, you have the capacity to absorb it.
You will receive what you deserve. 
If you set the goals which are bigger than your capability. Start working on it and make your self capable. There is a famous dialogue of 3 idiots- “Success ke peeche mat bhaago; kabil bano, kamyabi toh jhak maarke peeche aaegi”
Capable person can receive and continuously grow in life.
Take actions. Actions transform you to become the person you want. Open your mind to look for the opportunity in every small thing. Grasp all opportunities and do your best. Visualize your goals.  Pictures are the easiest way to communicate with the mind. 
One picture is worth a thousand words – Fred R.
If you create the picture of goals, how you feel after achieving them, then you can achieve goals fast.
  • Visualize your goals
  • Make dream diary
  • Write a congratulations letter to yourself
  • Feel the emotions you want to feel after achieving goals.
Water Jar